Valentine Tag Book by Lisa Fulmer

Valentine Tag Book by Lisa Fulmer

Nothing beats a good 70’s rock ballad for telling someone how you feel. Gather up a few lines from your favorite songs and create a little heart-shaped tag book with a rusty and distressed feel. It’s a perfect valentine for a man or a woman.

Watch my super cool Valentine Tag Book YouTube video tutorial!


Rust-colored card stock
White card stock
Textured cardboard
Scrap of copper metallic sheet
Rust-colored glass paint
White craft paint
Heart and polka dot stencils
Pouncer and foam blender
Rust and purple chalk pastels
Copper-color chisel-tip paint marker
Aleene’s Spray Acrylic Sealer
Aleene’s Original Tacky Glue
Self-adhesive rhinestones
Chipboard letters
Rust-colored fine glitter
Jump ring and ribbon
Hole punch
Song lyrics printed from your computer

1.  Stencil polka dots on to a sheet of rust-colored card stock with white paint and a pouncer; allow to dry.

2.  Draw and cut a skinny heart shape from white cardstock. Use it as a template to trim out 3 more hearts from the polka dot paper.

3.  Use a foam blender to color the white cardstock with rust and purple chalk pastels on both sides. Spray lightly with acrylic sealer and allow to dry. This will be your cover heart.

4.  Stencil 4 small hearts with rust-colored glass paint on to the scrap metal sheet, allow to dry, then trim out.

5.  Use the pouncer to dry-brush the rust paint over a sheet of textured cardboard; allow to dry.

6.  Trim each song lyric down to 3 small strips, and cut 4 pieces from the textured cardboard slightly larger than the lyrics to act as a frame.

7.  Color the edges of cardboard and lyrics with paint marker and glue into place on each polka dot heart, allowing some of the cardboard to peek off the edge like a tag. Glue the last cardboard piece to the back of the cover heart.

8.  Paint some glue on to chipboard letters “l” and “o” and “e” then sprinkle with rust glitter; allow to dry.

8.  Glue a metal heart on each of the 3 pages. Use the 4th metal heart as the “v” in the word “love” and glue in place with the other chipboard letters on the cover.

9.  Accent the cover and pages with rhinestones.

10.  Align all the hearts in a stack and punch a hole in the upper left corner. Insert a jump ring and tie a ribbon on the ring.

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