Water Bottle Beach Necklace by EcoHeidi Borchers

Water Bottle Beach Necklace by EcoHeidi Borchers

This gorgeous necklace is yet another example of EcoHeidi Borchers’ crafty magic!  In this tutorial EcoHeidi shows how to make a fabulous beach theme necklace from a plastic water bottle, acrylic paint, sea shells, beads and glitter.  As seen on Cool2Craft TV.

Watch EcoHieid’a super fun Water Bottle Beach Necklace YouTube video tutorial!

Plastic water bottle
Craft knife
Paper punch- 1/8”
Wax paper
Acrylic paint- ivory
Cosmetic sponge- to apply paint
Shells- small
Small seed beads, pearls, bugle beads, micro no hole beads
Sakura 3D Crystal Lacquer finish
Jewelry findings – jump rings, necklace chain with closure, eye pins
Glass beads – assorted sizes (to go on the eye pins)
Ribbons – silk assorted colors to tie onto chain
Needle nose pliers

Using a craft knife, carefully cut off the top and the bottom of the plastic water bottle.
With a fine line marker, draw free-form shape onto the plastic. Cut with scissors. You will need 9 pieces for the necklace.
Using the paper punch, punch hole at the top edge of each of the plastic pieces.
Place a small amount of the acrylic paint onto wax paper. Dab sponge into paint and then dab onto plastic. Let paint dry completely. Apply a second coat. Let dry.
Glue the shells onto the painted plastic pieces. Add a few micro beads, bugle beads and pearls around the shells.
Apply the 3D lacquer by squeezing a small amount at a time over the front of the plastic piece also covering all the glued items.
Sprinkle a small amount of glitter  onto the wet 3D lacquer. Let dry completely.
Using the needle nose pliers attach a jump ring to each plastic piece.  Then attach the jump ring to the chain necklace.
Place glass beads onto  eye pin. Close eye pin with needle nose pliers. Attach a jump ring to each eye pin, then attach to chain. Tie pieces of ribbon onto the chain.

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