Year-Round Studded Ornament by Lisa Fulmer

Year-Round Studded Ornament by Lisa Fulmer

Ornaments aren’t just for Christmas trees – this sparkly purple bauble will look adorable hanging from a hook anywhere in your home all year ’round. I have studded this with so many different “goo-gaws” like mini brads, larger rhinestone brads, eye-pins with seed beads, and decorative straight pins. Featured on Cool2Craft TV.

Watch my super cool Studded Ornament YouTube video tutorial!



2-1/2″ smooth foam ball
Craft paint and brush
Clear glitter and glitter tray
Assortment of brads, beads, head pins, eye pins, decorative straight pins
Thin ribbon

1.  Insert q-tip into large hole at one end of the ball to make a handle to hold the ball while painting.

2.  Paint the ball with one coat of craft paint.

3.  While the paint is still wet, sprinkle the ball with clear glitter over a glitter tray and allow to dry.

4.  Carefully insert your brads, etc. all around the ball in a random fashion.

TIPS:  If the prongs of the brad seem too flimsy, insert a large pin into the ball first, remove and guide the prongs into that hole. Use a thimble to protect your finger if you’re using lots of head pins/eye pins. Coat the base of your brads, etc. with a little glue before sinking into the foam for extra reinforcement.

5.  To fill the large hole in the ball, squeeze a little glue inside, then press a long trumpet-style bead down into the hole until it’s flush with the surface. Place a large decorative bead on a long eye-pin and sink it through the trumpet bead into the foam. This becomes your ornament hanger.

6.  Place some large decorative beads on a long head pin, coat the pin with some glue, and press it up into the opposite end of the ball.

7.  After the glue has dried for a bit, thread a ribbon through the eye pin at the top, tie a knot and your ornament is ready to hang.

Year Round Studded Ornament Lisa Fulmer P



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